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About Us


Our dedicated servers and network infrastructure are located in MN, the first neutral colocation data center in MN. Designed to manage very high loads, NXDATA-1 is located on the Pipera industrial platform, the most importart bussiness center in MN. Built on TIER III standards, NXDATA-1 is currently hosting over 100 Telecom operator and is present in the RONIX, INTERLAN and BALCAN-X internet exchanges, allowing us to offer network redundancy and direct access to multiple Tier 1 networks. NXDATA-1 is connected to the national power grid through 2 MV/LV 2000 kVA transformers and has a backup power capacity of 2 x 1500 kVA + 2 x 590 kVA powered by Diesel generators which offer a 12 hour autonomy without refueling, plus a UPS battery system that provides an autonomy of minimum 15 minutes at full load.


Before making a decision on which hardware should we build our VPS nodes and dedicated servers, we need to take into consideration multiple factors such as reliability, stability, costs, performance, remote management, scalability and last but not least compatibility with various operating systems and web hosting software. We always buy servers and hardware parts from manufacturers that have a well established production process governed by QA guidelines, which in turn ensure our servers are reliable and can run without interruption or downtime for many years. In order to provide the best prices to our customers, we also take into consideration hardware costs when building a server, always getting the best performance possible at an affordable cost. The ability to manage the server remotely is also taken into consideration, as we monitor our servers 24/7 and react instantly to any degradation of performance or downtime. Scalability and compatibility with various OS and web hosting software is always one of the key point on which we choose our hardware, as we always make sure to provide the best web hosting experience possible.


Our entire network infrastructure and all our dedicated servers are protected by an in-house custom built DDoS Protection Solution. Our DDoS Protection is built from a mix of hardware scrubbers, software solutions and a NOC team that monitors our network 24/7 for any disruption or downtime that may appear. Currently, we have the ability to mitigate DDoS attacks up to 500 Gbps, which include but are not limited to volume based, protocol and application layer attacks. We know that downtime means loss of productivity and revenue, and we offer in our SLA an uptime guarantee of 99.98%, that includes both network and hardware guarantee.


When facing an issue with your web hosting package, there is nothing more important than a rapid solution deployed by a competent team of IT professionals. Our technical support team is based locally in MN, offering both on site but also online support to any hardware or network problem that can occur. We offer a 24/7 customer support service that can be contacted via live chat, email, ticket support or phone, with an average response time of 20 minutes.

Why Use Gigoli Reseller Hosting?

Your site will be hosted on state-of-the-art Supermicro servers with Intel E5 processors (minimum 2 x Octa Core Xeon) with 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM

Uptime 99.99%

Strong servers, optimized for PHP / MySQL / PostgreSQL, will ensure the availability of your web site. For 110% speed, we use state-of-the-art hardware, replaced every 3 years. Our equipment is collapsed in a TIER 3 data center in MN.

Daily backup

All the information associated with your sites (files, emails, databases) is copied to a dedicated storage via R1Soft / Idera every night. Data retention is 7 days.The maximum backup space that can be used by a cPanel account is 10 GB. Access to the backup system is via cPanel, without the need for HostX intervention.


The Technical Department monitors servers non-stop. Their securing is carried out without interruption, to eliminate computer threats and protect our customers’ data. Our network is protected by firewalls and IDS.